Barndominiums and Homesteading: Lessons from a Self-Reliant Mother

Buckle up folks, today we're diving into the world of barndominiums with the incredible, self-reliant Natalie, a mamma of 3 sharing her journey of building a barndominium home with her husband. She's got some insightful stories to share about the pros and cons of this unique type of construction - think the strength and speed of the build versus the high costs and hunt for experienced builders. Natalie also opens up about her family's homesteading lifestyle, their mission to protect and lengthen their children's childhood, and even shares a few snapshots from her refreshingly uncommercial Instagram account.

Now, we couldn't discuss homesteading without touching on our own experiences, could we? Join us as we reminisce about the unexpected hurdles they faced while constructing a guest-house-turned-home. From the  hurdles in raising farm animals to the unanticipated  costs of building a barndominium to the decision to relocate to the countryside in Utah.

We discuss  adaptations like automating chores and setting up a corral for bovines and she emphasizes the necessity of honesty and adjustments to avoid burnout.

Natalie ends the episode by sharing wisdom around having a clear vision for the future and the faith and hardworking it takes to make that vision come to life.

So tune in and get inspired to take action and be prepared to face whatever comes your way!

Instagram: @nataliecacao

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Stay tuned for more episodes exploring the beautiful connection between Jesus, motherhood, and the slow country living way of life. Join our community and embrace a life filled with love, faith, and the simple joys of family and nature.

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