Being a Godly Wife and Mother

Tune in for an engaging discussion that provides practical advice and biblical insights for women who seek to embody godly principles in their roles as wives and mothers. Whether you're on your journey to motherhood or have been navigating this path for years, you'll find valuable guidance, encouraging you to cultivate deep connections and create a legacy of love within your family. 



In this podcast episode, I have an extra special guest, Emmalee Stanton, a five-time author and the owner of the @ChristLovingWife Instagram page. Emmalee's journey is a testament to her strong faith, dedication to her family, and commitment to inspiring women in their roles as wives and mothers. Let's dive in!

Embracing Marriage and Motherhood Early

Emmalee's life story is one that defies convention. In a world where the norm often encourages delaying marriage and parenthood to chase personal aspirations, Emmalee's experience challenges this narrative. She encourages young women to embrace marriage and motherhood early in life, emphasizing the beauty of sharing life's adventures with your spouse. These shared experiences create unique, lasting memories that strengthen the marital bond over time.

Taking a Deeper Dive into Habits

Emmalee's perspective underscores the importance of forming life habits early. Waiting to create routines until after you've been single or just a couple can make the transition into marriage and parenthood more challenging. Starting these life-changing adventures early allows you to adapt and build a strong foundation for your family.

Quality Time: Bringing Your Kids on Dates

Emmalee shares a wonderful piece of advice for creating core family memories: bring your kids on dates with you. The shared adventures of traveling with your spouse and children are more special and memorable than solo trips. This approach not only adds laughter and challenges but also fosters a shared bond between parents and their children.

Scripture as a Guiding Light

Emmalee's journey is deeply rooted in her faith and a commitment to biblical principles. Throughout her life, she has found inspiration in passages like Romans 12:9-13. This scripture encourages us to let love be genuine, to abhor what is evil, and to hold fast to what is good. It urges us to love one another with brotherly affection, to outdo one another in showing honor, and to be fervent in spirit, serving the Lord.

Emmalee's interpretation of these verses is a call for couples to focus on outdoing one another in honor and to concentrate on the goodness within their relationship. She advises not dwelling on the hiccups but instead celebrating the good in the relationship. It's a reminder to contribute to the needs of the saints and show hospitality, underlining the importance of maintaining a strong community and nurturing relationships within the church.

"Garden the Heart: Rooted in Christ"

Emmalee also introduces her latest book, "Garden the Heart: Rooted in Christ and Bearing His Fruit." This nine-chapter study delves into the fruits of the Spirit, offering guidance on what these virtues should look like in the life of every Christian woman. It's an inspirational and instructive read that helps women grow in their faith, love, and character.


Emmalee's journey, from an early marriage into motherhood, her dedication to sharing adventures with her family, and her unwavering commitment to faith, are a true inspiration. Her book, "Garden the Heart," offers readers a deep dive into the fruits of the Spirit and how to embody them in daily life. As Emmalee's story unfolds, we're reminded that there's immense beauty in living a life centered on Christ, motherhood, and love.

Show Notes

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