Embracing the Simple Life: Hobby Farming

The transition from city life to the tranquility of the countryside is a story that resonates with many who seek a more simple way of living. It's a narrative not just of changing your environment, but of profound transformation and the quest for simplicity. This is the essence of the journey that Kierstyn, this week's guest on the CMM Pod, shares with us—from the subdivision to wide-open pastures, where she now thrives as a hobby farmer and budding entrepreneur.

Kirsten's story is multifaceted. A former city dweller, she speaks of her lifelong dream to own a farm and connect with nature as well as own all the animals and grow all of the plants. It's a dream finally realized on her little slice of Georgia paradise, where a menagerie of chickens, goats, donkeys, and the endearing mini Highland cow roam free. Kierstyn's insights into selecting the right chicken breeds and managing a brooder for chicks offer invaluable advice for those contemplating their own journey into hobby farming. It's a candid look at the delights and practicalities of rural living, inviting listeners to envision their own escape to the countryside.

In the realm of hobby farming, the initial steps are crucial. Kierstyn enlightens us on the significance of choosing land with established pasture, as it directly impacts the cost of feed and the preparation time required for the land to become a suitable home for animals. Her personal anecdotes of purchasing property in Georgia underscore the importance of research and the allure of natural beauty in making such life-altering decisions. Moreover, she touches upon the necessity of robust fencing for predator control, a fundamental aspect of safeguarding one's investments.

Kirsten's entrepreneurial spirit is palpable as she discusses the upcoming launch of her new venture, on May 1st. It's an endeavor that embodies the zest of starting a new business, melding the serenity of farm life with the thrill of a new beginning. In a moment of reflection, she shares the spiritual fulfillment that farm living has bestowed upon her family, fostering a deeper connection to life and peace. The transformative power of faith plays a significant role in her narrative, as she invokes the guidance of Jesus's presence in her life, a sentiment echoed in a Bible verse featured on her company's website.

Kirsten's tale is not just one of agriculture, but of courage, peace, and the awakening of an inner light ready to shine forth. It serves as a beacon of inspiration for those yearning for a simpler, more profound existence and connection to the land. It's an invitation to listen to the rhythms of nature, to find peace in the cadence of the earth, and to embrace the still-small-voice and gentle guidance of faith.

As we conclude our conversation with Kirsten, her journey stands as a testament to the courage it takes to transform one's life. It's a story of embracing the rhythms of nature, of the entrepreneurial spirit, and of finding peace and purpose in the simplicity of the land. For anyone dreaming of a life on a few acres, her experience serves as both a guide and an inspiration. We look forward to the blossoming of Peachwood Farm and the continued narrative of Kirsten's homesteading and entrepreneurial adventures!

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