Office Life and Ranch Dreams: Brittany Johnson's Story of Raising Highland Cattle

Have you ever tackled a cow in your bathrobe? Brittany Johnson of Hillside Highland sure has, and it's a story that will impress the most hardened cowboy. With laughter and a touch of nostalgia, Brittany walks us through her journey of Washington state ranch life. Her stories strike a chord with any family who's ever dreamt of becoming first generation ranchers. Imagine navigating  a full-time career and the relentless demands of raising Highland cattle. Brittany's  advice and anecdotes serve as insight and inspiration for aspiring ranchers looking to make that monumental shift.

Picture wide open fields as a playground for growth, not just for cattle, but for kids, too. Brittany delves into the life-enriching experiences that come with raising a family on a ranch, from the small-town camaraderie to the invaluable life cycle lessons learned amongst the herds. It's an episode that weaves together the fabric of community support, the challenges of Highland cattle ownership, and the invaluable balance brought by Brittany and her family. They're not just building a ranch; they're nurturing a legacy for their children within the embracing arms of nature and the tight-knit bonds of their rural community. So, pull up a hay bale, lend an ear, and you might just find the heartwarming push you need to embark on your own back-to-the-land dream.

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