Roots and Resilience: How to get Started Homesteading, Going to Market, and Making it Profitable

Starting a homestead isn't just early mornings and hard work—it's about living a life more fulfilled and growing joy in your heart sowing seeds in the ground. Brianna from Honey and Nectar Co. stopped by this week to take us back through her memories of growing up on a farm and her homestead heritage. She shares the sweet joys of bottle-feeding little lambs and real piggyback rides. Her recent escapades with uncooperative animals during a photo shoot prove that while farm life can be unpredictable, it's also filled with great lessons and lots of laughter.

We go back to the roots, literally, and talk about how to start. From the first animals to buy, to going to market, we uncover the why behind the satisfaction we get from working the land. From the simple acts of planting seeds in your apartment window to buying land and caring for animals. If you are a  spade-wielding newbie or you come with soil under already under your nails, you'll appreciate how starting with bread or the first sprout in spring reconnects us to the cycle of nature. Whether it's the pride of your first tomato harvest or the first egg in the coop, Brianna and I dive deep into the joy of homesteading and the fulfillment of living a life entwined with the land.

Finally, for those with dreams of turning their green thumbs into greenbacks, we pack the end of the episode with practical advice. Lay the groundwork for a profitable hobby farm, understand your local laws and regulations, and charm your way through the farmer's market scene. Stay tuned for the big scoop on Honey and Nectar Co.'s digital expansion, where Brianna will continue to spread her knowledge on sustainable living brimming with tips to support your dream of living off the land.

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