The Willderness Family: A Story of Togetherness

Join us this week as we welcome Ayla from The Willderness Family. From an unexpected delivery to milking a sheep for the first time, you're not going to want to miss this one. Throughout the episode, Ayla shares all the ways her family prioritizes quality time together. They are able to embrace a modest lifestyle and strategic budgeting so her husband is able to take longer breaks from a full-time job to make memories. Their story beautifully illustrates the joy and fulfillment that come from putting family first.

Ayla talks about life on their family property, where they intentionally avoid the traps of modern consumerism, choosing to spend their days together rather than accumulating material possessions. They weave faith throughout their from reading Bible stories to prioritizing, family worship and shared prayers. Ayla opens up about the importance of these moments and how they have become the foundation of their family’s routine, even amidst the challenges of busy seasons.

Ayla also shares about the transition into motherhood, offering advice to new moms who may feel isolated by the experience. She speaks on the importance of nutrition, exercise, and the  power of nature, providing practical insight to bring balance and a deeper connection with faith in trials. Join us for an inspiring conversation that explores the many aspects of a lifestyle centered on cherishing each moment together.

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