Wisdom from a Supermom: Raising Boys Well

Being a parent, particularly a mom, can be quite a challenging role. But what happens when you add the responsibilities of ministry and advocacy to the mix? This is the reality for Brittany, a supermom of three energetic boys, who also works in ministry and advocates for at-risk youth.


In our latest podcast episode, Brittany shares her experience and insights on juggling these diverse roles with intentionality and a sense of humor. Raising children, especially boys, in today's diverse world requires a different approach. Brittany emphasizes the importance of teaching her boys to express their emotions, a lesson that is often overlooked in traditional parenting, especially for boys. By fostering a supportive environment where her sons can express their feelings freely, Brittany is helping them to develop emotional intelligence, an essential skill for navigating life's ups and downs.

Outdoor living

One of the most engaging parts of our conversation with Brittany was her take on the power of nature and outdoor activities in child rearing. Brittany and her family are big fans of hiking, an activity that not only provides them with exercise but also serves as an affordable way for her children to experience the beauty and tranquility of nature. She believes that nature has a therapeutic power and plays a vital role in promoting peace and healing.

Working with At-Risk Youth

Brittany also discussed the power of simple questions like "how was your day" in making a significant impact on the life of the boys she works with. Such questions show them that their feelings and experiences are valid and important, fostering an environment of open communication and trust. Our conversation with Brittany would not have been complete without touching on the role of ministry in her life. Brittany's work in ministry involves working with at-risk youth, a role she approaches with compassion, understanding, and determination.

Three Pillars

Her ministry efforts are underpinned by her three pillars: parenting boys, ministry with youth, and the great outdoors. One key takeaway from our discussion with Brittany is the importance of perseverance and resilience, beautifully encapsulated in her reference to Proverbs 14:4. This bible verse, which speaks to the great harvest that can come through strength and hard work, is a testament to Brittany's unwavering commitment to her roles as a mom, minister, and advocate for the young men she works with. Brittany's story is a powerful reminder that while the journey of parenting, ministry, and advocacy may be challenging, it is also filled with moments of joy, learning, and eternal impact. By sharing her experience and insights, Brittany hopes to inspire other parents to embrace the adventures of life and to make a difference in their own unique ways.

Support Brittany on her missionary page: https://app.aplos.com/aws/give/FlyingHYouthRanch/Powellfamilysupport

Stay updated on her journey: https://mailchi.mp/8ae7d395be1f/powell-ministry-updates

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