Over 20 Free Preschool Activities!

Are you looking for fun and educational activities to engage your young learners at home? Look no further! I have compiled a collection of over 20 FREE printable homeschool activity worksheets that are perfect for preschoolers and early elementary students. From puzzles and math exercises to coloring pages and vocabulary worksheets, there's something here to spark curiosity and promote learning in every child. Let's dive in! Click to download.
  1. Easy Coloring Puzzle Worksheet: Let your little one exercise their problem-solving skills with these easy puzzles. Print and cut out each animal, then have your child tape them back together. It's a fun way to work on fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

  2. Apple Math: Add a touch of sweetness to your math lessons with this simple addition worksheet. Whether you use real apples as manipulatives or simply write the numbers, your child will enjoy practicing their math skills in a deliciously fun way.

  3. The 7 Continents Coloring Page: Take a journey around the world with this coloring page featuring the seven continents. After coloring, ask your child which continent they would like to visit and explore together.

  4. Back to School Cut and Paste: Get ready for school with this cut and paste activity. Help your child practice their fine motor skills as they cut out the missing elements and paste them in the correct places.

  5. Bee Maze: Guide the bee through the maze to reach the flowers. This activity promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills while keeping your child entertained.

  6. Count to 20: Practice counting from 1 to 20 with this acorn-themed worksheet. Fill in the missing numbers in each acorn to complete the sequence.

  7. Basic Emotions: Encourage emotional intelligence with this worksheet. Have your child draw each emotion into the blank face to express how they're feeling.

  8. Cursive Workbook: Introduce your child to cursive writing with this workbook. They'll trace each letter, find it in the letter bank, write it multiple times, and then draw a picture that begins with the letter.

  9. Letter Tracing Worksheet: Help your child master capital letters with this tracing worksheet. Follow the numbered directions to trace each letter and improve handwriting skills.

  10. Math Maze: Navigate the lion through the maze by connecting the number "2." This activity reinforces number recognition and counting skills.

  11. The Alphabet Coloring Book: Trace upper and lower case letters and color each corresponding picture. It's a fun way to reinforce letter recognition and phonics.

  12. Which One Is the Same? Challenge your child's visual discrimination skills with this worksheet. Find and circle the matching element in each row to complete the patterns.

  13. Roll and Trace: Practice tracing lines with this interactive worksheet. Start at the die and trace the corresponding line to strengthen fine motor skills.

  14. Shark Memory Game: Print out two sets of cards, cut them out, and lay them out face down. Take turns flipping over cards to find matching shapes and strengthen memory skills.

  15. Spatial Awareness: Connect the dots in the right box exactly like you see them in the left box. This activity enhances spatial awareness and visual perception.

  16. Farm Animals Vocabulary Worksheet: Expand your child's vocabulary with this farm animals worksheet. Match each animal to its name and practice spelling and reading skills.

  17. All About Me: Let your child express themselves with this "All About Me" worksheet. Fill in their name, draw pictures of themselves, their family, favorite food, and favorite color.

  18. Telling Time: The middle clock in each row shows the time. Draw one hour before on the left and one hour after on the right.

  19. Counting and Coloring: Color each circle in using the directions

  20. Dinosaur Order Puzzle: Print out each dinosaur picture. Cut along the lines. Mix up and have your child tape back together using the number order at the bottom.

  21. Dot to Dot Worksheet set: Connect the dots to form the picture. Optional: Color in after you are done

Bonus Worksheets for Parents:

  1. My Weekly Reward Chart: Track your child's accomplishments with this weekly reward chart. Add a sticker to each category accomplished throughout the week to celebrate their achievements.

  2. Weekly Lesson Planner: Stay organized with this weekly lesson planner! Plan out your homeschool lessons, activities, and outings to keep your homeschooling journey on track.

  3. Report Card: Add in your evaluation remarks for each subject and behavior for that week

  4. Smart Goal Planner: Set weekly smart goals with your child using this simple SMART planner

  5. New to Homeschool Infographic: From planning your curriculum to setting your schedule. Here are a few things to get you started on the right foot

With these free printable homeschool activity worksheets, you'll have everything you need to keep your young learners engaged, entertained, and learning at home! From math and literacy to fine motor skills and emotional intelligence, these worksheets cover a wide range of educational topics and are perfect for preschoolers and early elementary students.

Download, print, and enjoy hours of fun and learning with your little ones!

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