Growing in Grace: Faith and Homeschool with Anna Panza

When little ones scramble their numbers, it is a reminder of the short season of childhood—a sentiment shared by Anna Panza from Our Faith Filled Home in our latest conversation.  As we discuss her journey of homeschooling, you’ll get a glimpse into a-day-in-the-life filled with devotional time, tailored learning activities, the rhythm of outdoors, and practical education. With the Southern Californian sun guiding their routines, listen to how Anna Panza keeps the rhythm of education flowing all  throughout their year.

Have you ever watched a child's eyes light up with excitement over seeing their favorite toy? That's the spark that fuels "interest-led homeschooling", the method that transformed Anna's family's learning experience. She explains how paying attention to her son's love for race cars has fueled their educational journey. Through laughter and passion, she debunks common homeschooling myths and hurdles to demonstrate the surprising depth of learning that is possible when education is not confined to the classroom walls.

To cap our conversation off, we talk about weaving faith into the everyday fabric of family life. Reciting Galatians 6:9 on car rides, for example, isn't just for passing time—it's about embedding perseverance into all their hearts. Anna prioritizes faith-based learning alongside academic learning, ensuring that literacy serves not just as a skill, but as a practical way to live out wisdom. Let's dive into homeschooling, homemaking, and the importance of raising up the next generation.

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