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All-Inclusive Sourdough Starter Kit

All-Inclusive Sourdough Starter Kit

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Get ready to kick off your sourdough journey with the all-inclusive Sourdough Starter Kit. Start making homemade bread and baked goods for your family today! Created for both beginners and experienced bakers, this kit provides everything you need to kickstart your sourdough adventure.

Each package includes

  • 1 pint glass jar
  • Breathable filter top
  • Commercial sourdough starter
  • Metal screw top lid for convenient storage.

Simply follow the Starter Guide provided in the blog for step by step instructions to activate your dried sourdough starter. Please note that the activation process typically takes 5-14 days, allowing the live cultures to bubble. Sooner you start, the sooner you will get to baking your sourdough bread.

Start your journey today with our Sourdough Starter Kit today. 

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