Homeschooling How-To with Hannah Burlbaw

When Hannah Burlbaw's husband first suggested homeschooling, she couldn't have imagined the journey ahead of them. Yet, here we are, sitting down with her as she shares her transition from a public school teacher's daughter to a homeschooling educator. Prepare to be swept up in her heartfelt story of navigating an at-home educational path and learn how this once-skeptical mom turned her home into a vibrant classroom with tailored learning experiences for her four little students.

Our conversation with Hannah gives you a peek into the day-to-day of juggling multiple children at different stages of learning. You'll hear how she manages to weave her own self-care and work commitments into her homeschooling schedule and ensures each child thrives individually. If you've ever wondered how homeschooling families fill their afternoons, the ability to offer unstructured play and family adventures will inspire you with the possibility that lies beyond the traditional school system.

This episode isn't just about the 'how' of homeschooling; it's about the heart. It's about creating more time to  truly be present with our children—make eye contact and share stories, big and small —in a world where screens win the battle for attention. From navigating state-specific homeschooling laws to debunking socialization myths, Hannah offers a fresh perspective on shaping confident and connected kids. Buckle up and be prepared; you might just change your perspective on education and parenting.

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