Lenses on Legacy: Capturing the Western Lifestyle with Kaysyn Krystal Photography

As the sun dips behind the mountains of Meeker, Colorado, Kaysyn from Kaysyn Krystal Photography takes us behind the scenes where nothing is staged and everything is rugged. With a family legacy in outfitting, she honors life by capturing the hunt, and paints a romantic image of rugged country living. From outfitting to the controversial reintroduction of wolves in Colorado and its impact on local elk herds, we explore topics close to home for many in the community. We talk about pivotal moments of clarity amidst the untamed wilderness and how these have shaped her life towards simplicity and gratitude.

She shares insights on finding joy in everyday tasks and the whirlwind of growth and learning in motherhood. We talk about how a new hand railing can symbolize the passage of time and represent newfound independence for little ones. There's a charm to living simply and she shares how she's able to keep focused on the simple life; especially in decision-making.

Learn how to book your next elk hunt, outdoor photography session, or capture a moment by the fire in the backcountry.

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