Off-Grid Living: Home Birthing & Homesteading

This week I am joined by Tara, the Maverick Mama, as she takes us through her transition to an off-grid lifestyle in the Northern Arizona countryside. Imagine uprooting your suburban life for 20 acres of desert, facing harsh weather conditions, the fickleness of solar power, and strengthening your resilience when repairs are a matter of survival. Tara's story follows a personal health crisis that fundamentally reshaped her family's story and their pursuit of quiet away from the noise and turbulence of the city.

In the second half of this episode, we talk about stepping away from the medical field to pioneer her own birth method called "Biblical Birth", that combines hypnobirthing with scripture. This former medical professional, now a childbirth educator, shares her personal departure from the conventional medical field to pursue a more authentic birthing experience. Through her lens, we talk about faith and the innate human experience of suffering, discussing how adversity can be the basis of growing our character and how a belief in a good God can illuminate the darkest of our trials. 

Join us for a story of personal evolution, where life's struggles are met with steadfast hope and the courage to redefine the status quo.
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Stay tuned for more episodes exploring the connection between faith, motherhood, and slow country living.

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