Rediscovering Traditional Skincare with Kai Tallow

When Gabija of Kai Tallow shares her story of swapping the corporate ladder for ancestral-inspired skincare, you will be left feeling inspired. It wasn't just a career change for her—it was stepping into what she was meant to do! Our latest conversation is filled with insights. Gabija illuminates the often-overlooked benefits of tallow skincare,  while weaving the significance of her journey into the fabric of her brand. I was thrilled by her authenticity and her mission to infuse quality organic ingredients into every jar, challenging the murky waters of "commercially organic" products. Get ready for a raw and revealing look at how what we apply externally is a reflection of the nourishment we crave internally.

This episode doesn't just talk shop; we get into a heartfelt narrative of motherhood and the resilience needed for entrepreneurship. As new mothers will attest, the postpartum period is a journey, and Gabija doesn't shy away from discussing the trials, the triumphs, and the transformative personal growth that can emerge. She also offers encouragement and advice for fellow moms weathering the storm of the early days. You'll learn why tallow has stood the test of time in skincare, and how simplicity can be your guide in an industry often cluttered with complexities. Join us for this exploration of natural beauty, where sustainability and traceability is not only possible but passionately pursued.

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Stay tuned for more episodes exploring the beautiful connection between Jesus, motherhood, and the slow country living way of life. Join our community and embrace a life filled with love, faith, and the simple joys of family and nature.

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